Lorenzo Stoakes

BoltDB 1

28 jul 2016 bucket: correct broken unaligned load/store in armv5 patch, PR

Raspberry Pi Userland Tools 1

18 may 2016 khronos: Use vchiq_get_client_id to determine global PID. patch, PR

Chromium 7

2 jan 2014 Remove unnecessary menu reconfigure. patch, issue
18 dec 2013 Don't dispatch blur/focus events if the element's page is not focused. patch, issue
12 dec 2013 Ensure view focused on first tab in FocusTraversal test. patch, issue
21 nov 2013 Use proportional line height for menu items to prevent clipping. patch, issue
20 oct 2013 Make content shell activate and focus dev tools on show. patch
17 oct 2013 Don't hide cursor when cmd key pressed on mac. patch, issue
10 oct 2013 Dispatch [DOM]FocusIn/Out events when the page changes focus. patch

Go 4

9 jan 2012 gc: put limit on size of exported recursive interface patch, issue
12 may 2011 gc: fix type switch error message for invalid cases. patch, issue
28 apr 2011 gc: correctly handle fields of pointer type to recursive forward references patch, issue
11 feb 2011 gc: correct receiver in method missing error patch, issue

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